A Hole in the System — The Border Crisis Exposed


As reported by “60 Minutes” February 4, 2024, while the illegal migrants flowing across the U.S. southern border come from all around the world, the fastest growing group are from China. A 4-foot gap at the end of a border fence, 60 miles east of San Diego, California, is one of the newest routes taken by many.

“60 Minutes” shows dozens of Chinese making their way through the small opening early one morning, unfazed both by cameras and an armed border agent standing nearby. Over four days, the crew counted nearly 600 migrants — many of them Chinese — crossing the border through this illegal entryway.

In 2023, border patrol apprehended 37,000 Chinese nationals crossing illegally, 50 times more than in 2021. Many of the Chinese nationals “60 Minutes” spoke to said they were trying to escape the repressive politics and declining economy of their home country.

They claim they learned about this particular route on TikTok. Indeed, “60 Minutes” was able to find videos providing detailed step-by-step instructions for making the trek through South America to the Mexico-U.S. border, including how to hire smugglers to drive them to this particular opening in the fence.

Border Closed to Journalists, but Not Illegal Crossers

Meanwhile, investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson notes1 that as the border crisis continues to worsen, authorities are cutting off access to journalists. “To be clear, they haven’t cut off access to the illegal border crossers,” she says. “They have cut off access to the media. So while foreigners can still cross at will, the credentialed press are restricted from public property where we could see it.”

Texas is now trying to stem the relentless tide of several thousand migrants crossing the border each day. Under Operation Lone Star,2 Texas is funding the installation of anti-climb fences and razor wire in areas that were previously wide open. Twenty-five other governors are also backing Texas’ decision to crack down on the border invasion.

In a January 2024 Fox News appearance, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said, “Because the Biden administration has really, truly abdicated its responsibility to secure the border and enforce the laws, Texas, very simply, is securing the border.”3

Texas has also passed a new law, which takes effect March 5, 2024, that will make illegal border crossing a state crime. Local police will then have the authority to make arrests, and a judge can order illegal crossers to be returned to Mexico.

In the meantime, Abbott has resorted to bussing a fraction of the apprehended illegal crossers to sanctuary cities in other states. As a result of having to live with the consequences of unrestricted influx, some sanctuary cities are now starting to rethink the sanity of unvetted migration.

Lack of work, housing, food and social services all end up fueling crime that make American communities less safe and more inhospitable.4 So, while some illegal migrants may be escaping dire conditions in their homelands, Biden’s open border policy is guaranteeing that these people won’t be any better off here either.

Sanctuary Cities Are Starting to Realize What the Problem Is

For example, in February 2023, a local San Francisco news station reported:5

“San Francisco is rethinking its ‘sanctuary city’ status as fentanyl continues to kill a staggering number of overdose victims. Investigators believe that a significant percentage of people selling drugs in San Francisco — as many as half — are undocumented immigrants.

‘It is time to withdraw the protection of sanctuary from undocumented immigrants trafficking fentanyl on our streets,’ Supervisor Matt Dorsey said Tuesday. Dorsey is proposing legislation to change San Francisco’s sanctuary city policies to exclude undocumented immigrants who are arrested for dealing the powerful opioid.

The legislation would deny ‘sanctuary’ to adults who have been convicted of a fentanyl-dealing felony within the past seven years, and re-arrested for another fentanyl-dealing crime or violent felony crime.”

The burden of illegal migration is also making itself felt in places like New York City, another once-proud sanctuary outpost. In early February 2024, Betsy McCaughey, a former lieutenant governor of New York, penned an article in the New York Post, stating:6

“NYCs migrant crisis hits new level of madness: Free rooms, meals to thugs who are robbing us. Maria Manaura, 32, who’s been arrested at least eight times in the six months since she arrived from Venezuela, is living at the Row NYC Hotel, once hailed for its unbeatable Times Square location and front-row view of the Theater District.

Now it’s drug infested and violent but still costs taxpayers $500 a night for each of the 1,300 rooms given over to migrants. Manaura was busted again last week for snatching a woman’s cellphone on the No. 6 train.

She was charged with grand larceny and resisting arrest, but instead of locking her up, Judge Jay Weiner granted supervised release, likely in time for her to make it back to the hotel and another prepared meal paid for by you and me. It’s sickening.

Migrants like Manaura who rack up clashes with police should be made ineligible for the city’s largesse. Handing out hotel rooms and free meals to repeat thugs makes it easier for them to commit crimes and makes us patsies.

The Democratic Party is turning New York City into a Shangri-la for international theft rings and migrants here to rob and burglarize. Taxpayers foot the bill for the thieves’ hotel accommodations plus three meals a day, a long list of other benefits, even free bus tickets if they have to skip town in a hurry. If you’re a criminal, what’s not to like? …

Last week, Mayor Adams inked contracts for $137 million for more hotel rooms for migrants and announced the city will hand out debit cards — worth up to $1,000 a month … That gives migrants the same purchasing power as low-income New Yorkers who are here legally.

Migrants will have to sign an affidavit they will spend the funds only on food and baby supplies. That’s a laugh. But there’s nothing funny about an invasion of career criminals posing as asylum seekers. New York has a heart, but it’s time New York used its brain.”

Biden Has Outsourced Immigration to the Cartels

As reported by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his mini-documentary “Midnight at the Border,” Biden’s open border policy has created a humanitarian crisis of shocking magnitude.

A major take-home from Kennedy’s exposé is that the Biden administration has effectively outsourced U.S. immigration to the cartels. Several cartels are in fact now fighting for supremacy. According to Jonathan Lines, Yuma County, Arizona, supervisor for District 2, there were 300 assassinations in a single 18-month period, as the cartels fight for control of the $13 billion-a-year human trafficking business.7

Once the illegals make it to the U.S. side, FEMA pays to fly them wherever they want to go. In other words, U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill for this cartel-led invasion.

Those who argue that an open border policy is somehow a humanitarian policy clearly do not understand how this policy works and impacts people in the real world. Migrants face violence, sexual assault, extortion and robbery along their journey.

The trafficking of children into the sex trade is perhaps the most disturbing part of this crisis. As of April 2023, the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement had lost track of a staggering 85,000 unaccompanied migrant children who entered the U.S. in the previous two years.8

As Yuma County Sheriff L.N. Wilmot told Kennedy, children are being exploited for sex and money because of this open border policy, and there is absolutely nothing humane about that. Sponsors or recipients of these children are not even vetted to make sure the children are not being funneled directly into some pedophile ring or illicit business.

Congress Allocates Three Times More Money to Secure Foreign Borders Than Our Own

While we were facing a crisis of unprecedented magnitude here at home, Congress was getting ready to vote on a “border security” bill that would have allocated three times more money to secure the borders of Ukraine than our own. Of the $118.28 billion package presented February 5, 2024, $60.06 billion would have gone to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine, and only $20.23 billion to fund operational needs at the U.S. border.9

Granted, of that $60.06 billion, $48.4 billion would be earmarked for Pentagon spending.10 U.S. weapons stockpiles have become depleted, so a huge chunk of this “aid” would flow into the pockets of U.S. weapons manufacturers. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that three times more money is being allocated to the “security” of Ukraine than the basic security of our own nation.

House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson, however, said the bill would be “dead on arrival.” “This bill is even worse than we expected, and won’t come close to ending the border catastrophe the president has created,” he said in a tweet.11

Meanwhile, Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is warning that if we don’t spend this money on Ukraine now, we’ll eventually have to send U.S. troops to fight Russia instead. However, as noted by the EU Times,12 Ukraine is not a member of NATO, hence it’s not entitled to the protection of the U.S., let alone U.S. troops.

Perhaps the most controversial yet least talked about part of this bill is that it would allow up to 5,000 illegals to cross the U.S. border per day before shutting it down.13 In a year’s time, that amounts to 1.82 million people. That’s close to the number of illegal entries recorded in 2021 (1.66 million) and not far from the 2022 surge (2.2 million).14 That’s hardly what you would call border security. Instead, it’s the legalization of illegal migration.

According to a 2018 Yale-MIT study, the undocumented illegal immigrant population in the U.S. was 22 million — double the official estimate.15 Millions more have poured in since then.

Undocumented migrants siphon limited state and city resources away from legal citizens and residents who pay for these resources through their taxes. As just one example, in early January 2024, students at James Madison High School in Brooklyn were told classes would be conducted remotely, as 2,000 migrants were being temporarily sheltered in the school due to poor weather.16

It’s a completely unsustainable situation, yet our political leadership pretends it’ll sort itself out. It won’t. It’s time to realize that the promotion of illegal migration is part and parcel of the much larger Great Reset scheme, which seeks to eliminate national sovereignty and borders, not just in the U.S. but worldwide.

The immigration issue is a complex one, but it’s not unsolvable. The U.S. has been a melting pot of immigrants since its inception, but without the rule of law, all we can expect is lawlessness, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing.

As suggested by Kennedy in “Midnight at the Border,” we need “tall walls and wide gates.” Meaning, illegal border crossings need to be eliminated, while those who want to come here need to have a legal and expeditious way to seek and be granted work permits, residency or citizenship, so that they can become productive, contributing members of society.


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