Remaining Respectful While Being Opposed by Ignorance and Inexperience


In this interview with Howie Mandel and his daughter, Jackelyn Shultz, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s knowledge and poise shine through — even as his motives and integrity are questioned. Kennedy remains respectful and is eager to have an open, honest debate — a trait he says he learned as a child.

“I was raised in a milieu where we were taught every night to debate each other [and] hold opinions passionately,” Kennedy says.1 Now running for president of the United States, Kennedy says he’s a favorite among people under 35, women with children under 18 and other key groups — but not yet among Baby Boomers.

“They don’t like me because they get their news from TV. And people who get their news from TV are going to have a very low opinion of me because the television networks are, you know, uniformly against me.”2

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy was a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets — until he started saying controversial things. He’s since been heavily censored, but his desire to speak the truth to the American people has prevailed.

Kennedy Shares Realities About the Ukraine War

U.S. meddling in the Ukraine conflict reveals that it is not willing to relinquish its imperialistic tendencies. But censorship has silenced any open discussion that goes against the official narrative on the war in Ukraine.

The mainstream media are clear in their message that the Ukraine war is the result of an unprovoked and unjustified invasion, but there’s a history to it. Russia has long been very clear about the fact that it will not allow Ukraine to join NATO, for the simple fact that it would place a NATO military presence right on its border. Russia wants Ukraine to remain an independent “buffer zone” between itself and NATO countries.

“The entire Russian leadership was horrified about the idea of NATO going into Ukraine just as we wouldn’t allow Russia to put bases in Mexico or Canada,” Kennedy says.3 Rather than promoting peace, the U.S. has pushed for the escalation of conflict in a war that’s not really about defending democracy.

“Eisenhower made this extraordinary speech — and probably we should regard it as the most important speech in American history — where he warned America about the emergence of a military-industrial complex that would transform our exemplary democracy into imperium abroad with endless wars and a surveillance state.”4

Lies About COVID Shots

Mandel tries to label Kennedy an “antivaxxer,” but he again shares the facts about his stance on vaccines, including COVID-19 shots. “If you show me a vaccine that was safe and effective that did what it was supposed to do, I would have no problem with it,” Kennedy says.5

“The problem that I have with vaccines I think is a problem that every American would have if they knew the truth, which is that vaccines are the only medical product that are exempt from safety testing,” he says.6 While they’re tested for efficacy, the safety component is missing:7

“The FDA requires that prior to license you have Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 efficacy testing … they don’t require safety testing … if a vaccine is going to save you from COVID but raise your heart attack rate by 500%, it is effective against COVID but it’s not safe.”

Kennedy said he didn’t get a COVID-19 shot because “I read the safety study, and the Pfizer study showed that there were … 23% more [deaths] among vaccinated people than there were among unvaccinated.”8 Meanwhile, Mandel tries to say that health officials never said COVID-19 shots would prevent COVID, but Kennedy provides several examples showing this to be false. Software engineer Chief Nerd tweeted:9

“Howie Mandel Tries to Rewrite History on the COVID Vaccine & Immediately Gets Schooled by RFK Jr. HOWIE: ‘They never said you won’t get COVID’ RFK JR: ‘I saw a tape yesterday of them all saying it … Can I play it for you?’ HOWIE: ‘Well, wait wait wait … It doesn’t matter what Rachel Maddow said.’”

The Real Reason Why Doctors Didn’t Treat COVID?

Kennedy’s 2021 book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” became a runaway best seller, selling over a million copies, despite unprecedented censorship. He describes a coalition of sinister forces — intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical companies, social media titans, medical bureaucracies, mainstream media and the military — that used health crisis to impose totalitarian control worldwide.

He shares how COVID-19 lockdowns caused 3.3 million businesses to shut down, many of which will not reopen. According to Kennedy, 41% of Black-owned businesses that closed during the pandemic are permanently bankrupt, “and a lot of them had three generations of equity in them.”

Further, $4 trillion was shifted from the American middle class to a new oligarchy of billionaires.10 Meanwhile, the government fining people for spending time outdoors while refusing to treat sick COVID patients in hospitals defied all common sense and reason. Kennedy shares the underlying motives:11

“They weren’t treating people. It’s the first time there’s been a respiratory illness in history — if you go to hospital with a flu, they’ll give you something for all your symptoms — they said no nothing [for COVID]. Why were they doing that? …

Because there is a little-known federal law that says if there is an existing drug that has been approved for any purpose that is demonstrated effective against the target illness, it is illegal to grant an emergency use authorization for a vaccine for that disease.”

Regulatory Capture Is Putting Americans at Risk

Kennedy states vaccines are one factor in the epidemics of chronic disease and autism in children, but there are many other factors as well. He mentions atrazine, glyphosate, forever chemicals and high fructose corn syrup for starters, along with cell phone radiation. But while public health agencies conduct research on drugs and vaccines, they’re not looking into the underlying causes of chronic diseases facing Americans:12

“All our kids today are swimming around in a toxic soup and we have a public health agency — NIH [National Institutes of Health] — that used to be the premier public health agency in the world. It has a budget of $42 billion a year. It distributes that money to 56,000 scientists in research institutions and universities. We’re supposed to be doing research to protect public health. Why is nobody doing research to figure out what is causing these epidemics?

… If you try to do that research you’re going to get career punishment for doing it and the NIH will not fund it. What they will fund is … research on drugs to treat food allergies. They’ll fund research on drugs to treat asthma but they will not look at what is causing it and that data is out there.”

Describing the situation as “agency capture on steroids,” Kennedy uses the example of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which gets 50% of its budget from pharmaceutical companies. The NIH, meanwhile, owns thousands of pharmaceutical patents, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spends $4.9 billion a year out of its $12 billion budget buying and distributing vaccines.

“It is the biggest vaccine company in the world,” Kennedy says. The NIH actually owns half the patent for Moderna’s COVID-19 injection.13 Further, he says, “If you’re a scientist at NIH and you work on a product that then becomes a pharmaceutical drug, you get to keep royalties on that product for $150,000 a year. And NIH can keep 50% of the royalties.”14

Because most government agencies have been captured by the industries they’re supposed to regulate, democracy has been subverted, as they’re no longer working for the American people. They’re working for big corporations that are constantly putting profit above safety. But Kennedy, an attorney, says that, as president, he could go in and fix these corrupted agencies overnight:15

“I know how to fix these agencies. When you sue these agencies you get a Ph.D. on how to unravel them. I know the individuals in a lot of these agencies that are causing the problem. I’ve sued I’ve sued NIH, CDC, FDA, EPA, FCC [Federal Communications Commission]. I just won in the court of appeals against the FCC for lying to the public about cell phone radiation and the dangers of that.

Right now, I’m representing a thousand families in East Palestine, Ohio, whose lives were upended by the Norfolk Southern spill. And that’s all because of agency capture at dot that spill happened because of agency capture. It is a direct negligence by DOT [Department of Transportation]. I know how to fix these things. I’m going to go in there and I’m going to fix them overnight.”

Kennedy’s Answer to the Housing Crisis — Give Everyone a ‘Rich Uncle’

Kennedy also touches on the housing crisis, as young people and the middle class become increasingly pushed out of the American dream. A perfect storm of rising interest rates and high housing prices have priced many people out of the market.16

But there are other factors at play, including record-low inventory17 and competition from corporate investors, who purchase homes in cash about 75% of the time.18 Kennedy says he has a solution that will level the playing field and make home ownership more attainable:19

“I have an extensive plan for how to get this generation of kids in their housing … housing prices have gone up from $215,000 two years ago to $400,000 today. Interest rates have gone up from 3% to almost 8% …

I’m going to offer a law that will penalize large companies, large investment firms from owning multiple units of single-family housing so it will no longer be profitable. And that will release a tremendous amount of housing back into the marketplace.

… Right now kids are competing against Blackrock’s bank book so … what I’m going to do is I’m going to issue a new class of … Treasury Bills at 3% interest to people who are buying single family homes, particularly young people and teachers, and I’m going to fund that by issuing these Treasury Bills. I’m going to issue mortgages at 3% …

You know if you have a rich uncle who will co-sign your mortgage, you can get a much better rate because the bank is basing their interest rate not on your lousy credit rating but on your uncle’s fantastic credit rating. I’m going to give everybody a rich uncle — all these young people — which is Uncle Sam, which is going to guarantee your mortgage so you get that 3% rate.”

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